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PROGRAMME  2018-2019

Sept 5th 2018

Dr David Morgan

A Review of the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI)


This talk looks realistically at the prospects that extra terrestrial intelligences may exist and be able to be discovered in the Galaxy. It analyses the problems of communication and explores the idea that technological civilizations capable of communication may not exist for long enough to be discovered.

Understanding of the possible technological "Choke Point" that dooms civilizations to a short life span is investigated with reference to our development on Earth.


Oct 3rd 2018

David Green

The Geological History of Ross-on-Wye

700 million years ago, our small part of the earth’s crust emerged from the sea for the first time, as part of a chain of volcanic islands, rather similar to Java and Sumatra today. These islands lay near the Antarctic Circle, off the northern coast of a large supercontinent, known as Gondwana, under which the floor of an ocean – the Iapetus - was being destroyed down a trench. This talk will aim to chart the geological “adventures” of this small section of the crust as it moved northward to its present position over hundreds of millions of years, and to outline the evidence contained in local rocks that allows such a story to be constructed.

Nov 7th 2018

Prof Paul Hardaker, FInstP, FRMetS, CMet

Chief Exec Officer of the Institute of Physics.

Physics of Thunderstorms

Thunderstorms are ever-present across the globe and for centuries have had a strong cultural influence.  The talk will explore what we know of thunderstorms and how this has helped us understand how and where they occur; how to mitigate the weather hazards they create and how we can use this knowledge to make predictions or warnings.

Dec 6th 2018

David Fletcher

David Fletcher returns to the Society in December to deliver another of his enthusiastic lectures, prior to leaving for a working holiday in Antarctica.


Jan 9th 2019

Note 2nd Wednesday in Jan


Feb 13th 2019

Note 2nd
Wednesday in Feb

March 6th 2019

Dr Brian Williams
The distinguished Emeritus Professor of Petroleum Geology, Dr Brian Williams comes to the society to give a presentation on the ‘Wandering Continents: Evolution of the Atlantic Ocean’ describing the geology of our Earth’s early eras and concept of Plate Tectonics

April 3rd 2019