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For its 18th year, the Ross-on-Wye Science Society presents a forum of entertaining lectures, discussions and scientific facts.

The next meeting of the 2018-19 season will be held on

Wednesday -3rd April 2019 - 7.00 for 7.30pm

The Hotel has a Bar and Restaurant open for pre-meeting food and drink

 Members and guests please remember entrance is free to students and school pupils.

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Cars for the


Dr Nico will be talking about the various powertrain we see in current cars, from pure petrol and diesels, to various forms of hybrid, to battery electric and hydrogen cars. I will explain why and how the current business model used by the auto industry has shaped the cars we drive. I will go into more detail describing the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell car, and why we think hydrogen cars might be more appropriate than other alternatives for mass deployment.



Dr Nico Sergent

Powertrain architect at Riversimple.
Before joining Riversimple in 2010, I was working on braking systems for WilliamsF1 for my PhD. I have developed the Riversimple hydrogen fuel cell powertrain and been involved in all aspect of car development and testing.

 The Society Meets in Castle Lodge Hotel at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of the Month

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