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For its 16th year, the Ross-on-Wye Science Society presents a forum of entertaining lectures, discussions and scientific facts.

The next meeting of the new 2016-17 season will be held on

Wednesday Evening,  2nd November 2016 at 7.30 pm


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 Why are things as they are and not otherwise



Mark Gibbons


Kepler took Tycho Brahe's data (literally) and put the Sun-centric cosmos model we have today on a scientific footing. But there is much more to the story of this man who battled against such adversity to achieve what he did. He was surprisingly wide ranging, providing scientific insights along the way to many items ranging from snowflakes to wine barrels, solving problems by inventing a number of mathematical tools still we use today.

 The Society Meets in Castle Lodge Hotel at 7:30pm on the first Wednesday of the Month

The hotel has its own car park.

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